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Welcome to “The  Steadfast  Butterfly” where you will find a collision of current issues, life challenges, and Biblical truths from a traditional Christian perspective in a modern world. Topics are varied but always examined through a filter of God's Word. May you find what is needed to challenge your mind, encourage your heart, and nourish your soul. All adults are welcome on this site. It is not just for women. It is not just for grandparents. It is not just for Christians. Even though I am a Christian grandmother, most topics covered in the blog are written for any adult who is interested in understanding or considering a topic run through the sieve of scripture and life experience. All people need to contemplate forgiveness, justice, laughter, and healthier relationships.  Butterflies are a symbol of change and transformation, and within the Christian faith they are also symbolic of the death and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the spiritual rebirth of believers. For me the butterfly also has very personal meaning because of my mother who used the butterfly as her logo to represent her own life. She left us with a legacy of love for God and others that inspires me to continue my own journey in a way that honors the beauty of her soul and the steadfastness of her faith. Whether God whispers or shouts to you through The Steadfast Butterfly writings, I hope you’ll be refined in your faith and character, strengthened and encouraged.

My Story

I’ve been a Christian since I was six years old and have been on this journey of transformation of my character, my beliefs, and my soul for many decades. My wings of faith have flown me toward a growing, authentic, and meaningful relationship with Jesus. The journey has taken me through some very difficult paths, and each of those have served to deepen my faith.


This butterfly (me) first emerged into the world in the early 1960’s in central Jersey by the shore. I loved my childhood years, experienced some rough patches in the teen years, graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Houghton College, and earned an M.A. in Biblical Counseling through Larry Crabb’s program in my 20’s.
I met my husband, Nathan, while at Grace College and Seminary. We moved to Wasilla, Alaska in 1991, fell in love with the community and the lifestyle here, put down deep roots, and never left.


The minute (ok, the month) we arrived in The Last Frontier I became pregnant with the first of three unplanned pregnancies within three and a half years. I was reluctant at first to embrace the role of stay-at-home mom because of spending six years working toward a specific career path, but God had a better plan. After shaping my heart, focusing my time on my family, and teaching me to value the ministry of being a wife and mother, He called me to work in the Pregnancy Care ministry.


After many years in that ministry, my personal life recently nudged me back out of the working world, and I enjoy staying home, writing, and keeping busy in a variety of ways. I still volunteer at the local pregnancy center as a mentor and enjoy helping new parents embrace their role in parenthood.


I belong to a non-denominational church family, am active in a long-standing Community Group as a co-leader with my husband, I attend Grief Share (a national program helping people work through grieving the loss of a loved one), and am a grandma to six beautiful grandchildren. My grandma name is “Noonie”, a variation of Nonna”(Italian for Grandma) that quickly took hold when my little granddaughter mispronounced it and someone added “Looney” in front of Noonie. It stuck like hot glue, and I’ll never shake it.


My experience with writing includes 10 entries published in a 2011 devotional entitled “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” through Worthy Publishing, as well as current, weekly publication online and in print in the FAITH column in the Frontiersman, our local newspaper, with a readership of 20,000 subscribers. The feedback has been positive and encouraging, so I launched this blog to house my articles for others to read.


I feel God calling me to wade into the fray of topics that sometimes we’d rather avoid as Christians. I’m known for my honesty, and I’m charged with tempering it with gentleness so that vinegar goes down easier mixed with honey. Speaking the TRUTH in LOVE is my goal. I share stories of my own life and experiences that sometimes make me uncomfortable by being known too well by too many, but I believe God calls us to authenticity and to allow people to see who we really are. I wrestle honestly and hope to always employ courage as I move toward topics that are controversial, difficult, or convicting.


Join me in the journey that wanders closer to God with steadfast pursuit, following His compass of Truth.  

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